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1000watt E-bike
A New and tested E-bike with a 1000watt motor with a reducer to 250watt for Australian standards so as to keep the bike below 25kmph. With a 48volt 20amp lithium battery that gives you 70 to 100 km of battery time with minimal pedal assist. Also with the power of 1000watts it pulls up to 700watts going up hill at a speed of 15kmph with minimal pedal assist. $1250 delivered.
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Zero Turn 48" 27hp
16kmph forward speed 10kmph reverse. 15lt fuel hydro-Gear ZT2800 transmission. $13,850 delivered.
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Girls  Fun E-Bike
Designed for light shopping and coffee dates. Max-60km range with a max speed of  25kmph. $3450 delivered. 
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750watt Dual E- bike
A Fat Tyre Dual purpose road and trail bike. Using PAS 2 it becomes road approved. Using PAS 5 it becomes illegal and off road. $4850. delivered.
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Biker Jackets, Books and T-Shirts
A Fabalous way to express your love for Yeshua and strike up random conversations. T-shirts $29.95 Delivered. Leather Bike Jacket $140.
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500watt E-bike kit
A 26″ 27.5″ or 29″ E- bike kit. It's easy to install, or for $150 (conditions apply). I can install it for you. The Kit price with 13amp lithium battery and charger is $750. Turn your comfortable push bike into a cruiser. 
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Robotic Lawnmower
A 550mm cut 9.5hp mower. Sit back and play the mower game. $4850. Perfect for House yards or The 800mm cut 16hp mower $5250 perfect for 1 acer lawns.
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